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Welcome to Watchdog Magazine, a publication dedicated to spreading awareness about scams being perpetrated across the UK.

Watchdog Magazine is here to combat fraud by exposing the tricks used by fraudsters and con-artists to dupe their victims. We report on any and all types of fraud so that our readership has every bit of knowledge necessary to avoid being scammed by the unscrupulous thieves that are out there.

Armed with a little information, you can spot a fraud a mile off and not only save yourself, but those around you by reporting the fraud to the relevant authorities and stopping the people you know from throwing away their hard earned cash.

Watchdog Magazine and its online blogs contain a vast wealth of current information and stories about real-life crime. We also discuss the aftermath from the victim’s point of view, allowing registered users to air their views online about what has happened to them and how they have dealt with and come to terms with a situation. People in similar circumstances now have somewhere to turn to for advice and instructions on how to handle becoming the victim of a fraud.

Watchdog Magazine is also a useful point of reference for police and government agencies, allowing them to keep abreast of current scams and search for scam reports logged on our site by postcode when investigating any criminal activity in a chosen area.

With a pdf copy of the magazine being delivered via email to anyone who subscribes and hard copies of the magazine being sent out to key individuals in law enforcement, we intend to make a huge impact on the fraudsters who are operating in the UK.

Be part of the campaign and help us combat fraud in the UK, click here subscribe to the magazine today. Every subscription is a thorn in the fraudsters side.

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